Teekoe was the first Siberian I had from a baby and more than a decade later I still think of her as my baby. Mind you, she also acts like one!! She is the first to say hello in the morning, the first to complain to be let out of the dog run, the first to jump in the passenger seat of the car, the first to eat, and the first to get a big cuddle from me.  

When she was a puppy she travelled with me in my kombi, kept my feet warm at night, came swimming in rivers and oceans, and did the ‘bum-run’ on beaches all around the east and south coasts of the continent. She recently visited kindergarten to be an item in show and tell. With all of those pats and cuddles from the crowd of kids it was hard to convince her to come home with me.

As a worker, Teek showed good promise in harness with some top 5 results in the single class but after a few on trail attacks was never able to regain her confidence.

Teekoe has brought much happiness to my family and I hope she is here to annoy the neighbours with her terrible high pitched noise for many years to come.

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